Eggless cookie dough

My sweet tooth is acting up and there isn’t a whole lot of sweet stuff in my house. Tragic, right? So I decided to look up an eggless cookie dough recipe on Pinterest and this is what I found. I like this recipe because it calls for common ingredients. There’s nothing weird in it, it … Continue reading

Quickie post: onion straws

I couldn’t sleep before work tonight (1-4 am!) so I decided to experiment instead. This time it was with the Pioneer Woman’s onion straws recipe. I love onion straws and can’t readily find them at local restaurants, so I figured I’d give this a try and hopefully it would curb my craving. And it did, … Continue reading

Fake “boxed” brownie mix

I am a self-confessed chocoholic. Chocolate is a daily necessity for me, and lately I have not been getting enough. Brownies are my vehicle of choice for delivering chocolate to my mouth hole. I’ve been craving brownies for the last week or so and decided that today was a great day to make some. I’ve … Continue reading

Family message board DIY

Ever since Hubby and I started looking for a place to rent, I’ve been checking out projects to make our home life a little easier. This is particularly important since we’re both full-time students AND we work part-time AND our families like us to come see them AND we have friends who would like to … Continue reading

“Better than crack” crackers

For my first documented Pinterest experiment, I decided to try these yummy looking crackers from Sweet Teeth. The original blogger said that they are “not your everyday cracker. They are for a special occasion. Like a Tuesday.” I figured Thursdays counted as a special occasion, too. So a Pinterest experiment was born. Now, I didn’t … Continue reading