Family message board DIY

Ever since Hubby and I started looking for a place to rent, I’ve been checking out projects to make our home life a little easier. This is particularly important since we’re both full-time students AND we work part-time AND our families like us to come see them AND we have friends who would like to see us too I suppose… Thank goodness there are no kids in this equation yet! Anyway, I found this idea a few months ago. Looked easy enough and totally functional.

Last Sunday I finally had time to follow through with this idea. I took this frame from Target (wedding present! Score!) and some scrapbook paper and got experimenting. The picture openings are a little smaller than I would have liked, but they work for what we’re using it for. The paper I used allowed me to use just one sheet for all three openings with some scrap leftover. Some foam letter stickers later and we were done! All told, it probably took half an hour to do (not including getting distracted by shiny things and cleaning).

Verdict? Success!

Family message board win!


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