Three-fer Thursday post 1: Melt in your mouth chicken

My husband and I are on a seriously tight budget right now. Between rent, loan bills, car problems and Christmas, we’re drained. It’s been challenging to find recipes that use what we have and taste great. This is where my new favorite website comes in. It’s called My Fridge Food (aka my new lifesaver). Basically you check off foods you have in your fridge or pantry and it gives you a list of recipes that use what you have. Well, I tried it and the recipe I settled on is this Melt in your mouth chicken. Chicken breasts are relatively cheap, so I gave it a whirl.
This recipe is great. It calls for a cup of mayonnaise, which terrified me at first. If I’d had regular mayo in my fridge, I honestly probably would not have tried it. However, I use Kraft mayo with olive oil instead and that made me feel a bit better about the amount. Four chicken breasts makes enough for us to each get two meals out of it, which also makes it worth the amount of time it takes my oven to heat up.

20121214-003519.jpgLeftover breast. Heat for two minutes in the microwave.

20121214-003602.jpgHidden under my spaghetti. I serve this over pasta, which needs no other seasoning other than whatever salt you use in your pasta.

20121214-003731.jpgHere we are. Mmmm so good!
Verdict: absolute win!


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