Eggless cookie dough

My sweet tooth is acting up and there isn’t a whole lot of sweet stuff in my house. Tragic, right? So I decided to look up an eggless cookie dough recipe on Pinterest and this is what I found. I like this recipe because it calls for common ingredients. There’s nothing weird in it, it whips up quickly, and you can eat it raw without fear of salmonella. My only gripe, as a cookie dough enthusiast, is that the consistency is too smooth for chocolate chip cookie dough. However, since we’re not baking it, I can get over it since the flavors are there.

That’s what it looks like. It tastes even better.
Verdict: win

Updated to add: I think I have finally figured out the texture thing. Two tips- use real butter rather than margarine (I use unsalted) and add a touch of brown sugar before your milk. I think I added a tablespoon, if that. It makes the taste more authentic. And, like the original recipe says, it’s much better refrigerated!


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